5 best practices to optimise payment operations for the travel industry in 2024

This guide looks at how travel companies are thinking holistically about their fund flows to streamline, optimise and grow in 2024. We dig into the 5 areas of payment operations and identify a best practice for each.

5 best practices for travel companies to optimise payment operations in 2024


Learn how travel companies are optimising global payment operations

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Streamlining reconciliation

By automatically matching payment data to booking references, travel companies can eliminate manual time burdens and easily extract data across the full fund flow.

Unlocking payment optimisation

From checkout conversion rates to cost-efficient like for like settlement, travel companies are thinking holistically about fund flows.

Managing virtual card programmes for complex supplier payments

Automate and speed up card creation via API. Virtual cards offer control, security and flexibility when paying suppliers.

Inside this report


Efficiently manage the lifecycle of your travel payments on one platform

Simplify how you pay travel suppliers and get paid by global travellers, while increasing the efficiency of your finance teams.

Expand your supplier payments coverage around the world

Get global coverage and optimize your supplier payments in 170+ currencies and 150+ countries. 70% of Airwallex payments arrive same day.

Reduce risk

Create redundancy and improve the acceptance rate for your supplier payments with multi-currency virtual debit cards powered by Visa at 0% international card transaction fees.

Optimise profits across the lifecycle of travel payments

Configure bilateral agreements through virtual cards, and improve margins by eliminating FX fees by holding designated currency accounts in 12+ currencies in 60+ countries.