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Manage Linked Accounts

You can perform the following operations on Linked Accounts once you create them.

Update your Linked Account

You can update your Linked Account by adding a new signed mandate or renewing an existing mandate. Authorization from the external bank account owner in the form of a mandate (or signed agreement) is required before initiating direct debits. For more information, see Add funds via direct debits from Linked Accounts.

Call Update a direct debit mandate API to submit a signed mandate for direct debits if you didn't provide one when creating the Linked Account.

Provide the following parameters in the request:

  • email: Email of the signatory. A pdf copy of the mandate will be sent to this email address.
  • signatory: Name of the mandate’s signatory. This should be the external account owner.
  • type: Payment methods in different regions. Possible values are: AU_BECS_DEBIT, US_ACH_DEBIT, GB_BACS_DEBIT.
  • version: Version of the signed mandate

If the mandate is successfully updated, a mandate status of ACTIVE will be returned. If the mandate has expired and needs an update, a mandate status of INACTIVE will be returned. You can retrieve the mandate details anytime using Get a direct debit mandate API

Before updating direct debit mandates, please check direct debit mandate requirements.

Example request


If you are registered as a Scale platform account, you can call this endpoint on behalf of your connected accounts by specifying the open ID in the x-on-behalf-of header.

Example response

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