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With Airwallex’s Treasury products along with Transactional FX and Payouts, fintechs of all types and sizes can gain access to our global financial infrastructure, either for liquidity/treasury management in multiple markets, or customer offering enhancement by adopting a Scale solution.

Typical fintechs who may find this solution particularly useful are challenger banks who are looking for a global presence, lending platforms who are looking for more control over repayments, and omnibus broker dealers who are looking to build a seamless trading experience.

Global business banking

As a domestic banking upstart or challenger bank, you offer a modern small business banking app to customers within your operating jurisdiction. You try to set yourself apart from the traditional banking partners by making fees more transparent, telling a brand story, leveraging the latest and greatest local payment technologies, and just an overall better user experience end-to-end.

Now you are starting to see demand from your customers for collecting funds from their counterparties abroad in other currencies and that they would like to then repatriate those funds into their current domestic bank accounts. Also your customers’ counterparties may prefer to transfer funds using their local payment methods. You might even need to support top-ups from external bank accounts or via direct debits. In order to support these use cases, you would traditionally need different local banking partners around the world.

Airwallex is the most suitable partner in this case with our Global Accounts and Linked Accounts combined with Scale. You do not need to work with different partners in various countries. Instead, you only need to integrate once with Airwallex and can start creating Global Accounts to receive funds for your customers to receive bank transfers and authorize direct debit payouts in supported regions and currencies. You can also enable your customers to create and verify Linked Accounts for adding funds via direct debits from their external bank accounts to the Wallets.


As an online lender for small businesses and online merchants, you offer working capital financing to borrowers who need short-term capital to close the gap between inventory purchase and sales proceeds settlement.

To manage the risk that you are undertaking as a lender and provide better rates to your borrowers, you ideally would like to have control over proceeds from sales and directly charge repayment of loan principal and interest. This means you need to have control of the account into which sales proceeds are deposited. The customers’ sales proceeds and other transaction data can also be a valuable input to your credit decisioning products.

This is where Airwallex's Global Accounts and Scale can be just the right solution. You can create Global Accounts for each borrower who has been approved for a loan to receive sales proceeds into its Wallet. With authorization under Scale, you can programmatically sweep a portion of the funds for real-time repayment using Scale’s wallet transfer capability. By retrieving deposits, you can gain insights into your customer’s sales performance, cash volume etc. to continually assess their credit rating without requesting and validating information from them.

Broker dealers

As an omnibus broker dealer, you offer a trading app that allows users to invest in various stock markets. Users will need to top up their investment accounts via bank transfers from time to time and it’s difficult to reconcile funds from hundreds and thousands of payers.

Account opening with traditional banks is slow and costly, but with our Treasury product, you can create Global Accounts for each user to add funds to their investment accounts via local bank transfer across supported regions and currencies. By adopting the Scale solution, you can also pool customer funds together for bulk payments to clearing broker’s for executing trades. Alternatively, users can create and verify Linked Accounts and benefit from automatic top-up of funds without even leaving the app because you can initiate direct debits from their Linked Accounts.

Moreover, you can leverage our Transactional FX and Payouts products to build a delightful trading and withdrawal experience; you can also offer our Issuing product to further extend your value chain and profit on your customers’ expenses and consumptions.

Got issues or some other use cases as a Fintech company? Let us know .

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