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Creating and connecting accounts through invitation link

Using the invitation link you can invite merchants on your platform to create or connect an Airwallex account. Once the merchant confirms the permission this account will be linked to your Airwallex account and you will be able to access its data and transact on its behalf according to the permissions configured.

Invitation link

When Scale is activated for your account, you can get access to the invitation link through your own Airwallex account. Log in to Airwallex, go to Account settings and then to the developer tab.

Once you have the base URL for your invitation link you can optionally customise it by adding parameters to the URL. The following parameters are available:

  • identifier: to set a unique identifier that can help you to link back the Airwallex account created to an ID on your platform later on
  • firstName: to prefill the first name field
  • lastName: to prefill the last name field
  • contactName: to prefill the contact name field (used in the signup for CN merchants)
  • phoneNumber: to prefill the phone number field
  • email: to prefill the email field
  • businessName: to prefill the business name field
  • country: to pre-set the country of business registration
  • mobileNumber: to prefill the mobile number
  • areaCode: to prefill the area code of the mobile number

A customised URL may then look like this:[email protected]&firstName=James&lastName=Smith&businessName=AwesomeCorp&country=AU&mobileNumber=12345678&areaCode=86

Invitation link - signup part 1

Invitation link - signup part 2

Invitation link sign up part 3