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Why use Scale?Case study - Marketplace platform
Case study - Invoicing / supply chain financing platform

Case study - Marketplace platform

Learn how marketplaces use Scale

As a marketplace, you have merchants offering their goods or services on your platform. Use Scale to onboard your merchants into the Airwallex ecosystem allowing them to immediately receive sales proceeds, convert from sale currency to their home currency and withdraw to their bank account. Merchants may tap into these functionalities directly through Airwallex’s web portal, or you can simply adopt our API solution to merge our components into your user interface, allowing your merchants to indirectly access all of our product features.

Scale marketplace 1 Scale marketplace 2

Scale provides a complete set of customized solutions for you and your merchants. With Airwallex's flexible account system, the platform enables transparent management of end-to-end capital flows, while merchants have more control over collections, exchanges, and capital flows between virtual wallets and physical accounts. Scale unifies the management of transactions done via fragmented online and offline channels.

Scale is a comprehensive wallet solution built on top of our collection, FX conversion and global payouts infrastructure, allowing you and your merchants to conduct pay-in, pay-out, funds conversion and view multi-currency wallet balances in one system. It also allows you to credit sale proceeds and charge fees from your merchants’ wallets in real-time (subject to the arrangements between you and your merchants).

Scale marketplace 3

Scale empowers marketplaces by supporting onboarding, establishing connections between accounts and real-time fund transfers at scale via API, seamlessly integrating the following processes:

  • Onboarding: Register merchants, suppliers and other entities onto the Airwallex network via API, with an optional express KYC process;
  • Connect: Establish connections between marketplace accounts to newly onboarded merchant accounts and automatically define the nature and operational rules of such connections (e.g. by default, platform is authorised to debit merchant’s account for fees, etc);
  • Transfer: Facilitate pay-in / pay-out transactions as per the agreements between platform and merchants, and take full advantage of Airwallex’s Collection / FX / Payout capabilities.

Scale from the marketplace's perspective

Scale is built and designed to support marketplaces’ requirements to process large volumes of transactions across multiple jurisdictions and currencies. Once merchants are onboarded, the system defines authorized relationships between the marketplace and merchants’ accounts, enabling real-time transaction functionality and wallet transfers to simplify settlement.

These real-time funds transfers are requested via an API and may include:

  • Account debit from merchants for processing charges and fees and sales refunds
  • Account credit to merchants for sales proceeds
  • Initiate wallet-to-wallet transfers between merchant accounts
  • Query balances and transactions history
  • Airwallex will be able to create merchant accounts and global accounts for merchants through an API.

Scale from merchant's perspective

Once an Airwallex account is created for the merchant, the merchant will have access to a multi-currency wallet that records and displays all transactional activities within the Airwallex system, and can be provisioned a global account that acts as a collection and disbursement portal to external bank accounts from our integrated bank partners. The Airwallex account allows merchants to transfer money into their global account and access our FX and payout capabilities which serves as a powerful node that handles the marketplace’s transactional demands, such as:

  • Wallet transfer from other Airwallex Accounts
  • Wallet transfer to other Airwallex Accounts
  • FX conversion within the Multi-Currency Wallets
  • Collection of funds from bank transfers
  • Fast/real-time disbursements to Bank Accounts