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Why use Scale?Case study - Marketplace platformCase study - Invoicing / supply chain financing platform

Case study - Invoicing / supply chain financing platform

Learn how invoicing / supply chain financing platforms use Scale

As a global logistics warehouse operator, you offer your merchants a value-add service of supply chain financing to help them bridge the working capital settlement time gap between the purchase and sale of goods.

Airwallex’s Scale solution seeks to address the following pain points:

  • You, our platform client (the lender) has no control over the merchant’s (borrower) funds flow and repayment once inventory (the collateral) leaves the warehouse
  • Inefficient and manual onboarding of merchants (borrowers)
  • Complicated settlement relationship between multiple parties involving principals and interests of the loan

Our Scale solution equips you with the tools to strengthen your supply chain financing by providing:

  • Certainty and control over funds flow: Consolidate information and funds flow into one single ecosystem, allowing you to exercise a level of control and visibility over your borrower’s wallet. This will give you the flexibility to manage your supply chain financing process as the lender, with access to your borrower’s sales proceeds from the global marketplace and hence reducing the risk of default by the borrower. Such assurance also allows you to reduce costs of borrowing and offer more competitive pricing to your borrowers.
  • Integrated platform for platform and borrower: Efficient onboarding process and account creation for merchants via our Accounts API, integrating yours and borrowers accounts into one platform.
  • Global account: You can create global accounts for each borrower enabling them to collect proceeds locally and globally and optimise the efficiency of incoming fund flows.
  • Wallet debit and credit functionalities: Full access to control financing, repayments and fee charges as the lender
  • Friendlier user experience: Embed Scale features in your existing user interface through our API and minimise the user experience impact for your users (i.e. borrowers).

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