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Payout to an Airwallex account statuses

This page describes the status transitions for payouts to Airwallex accounts.

Payout to AWX account statuses

StatusDescriptionWebhook event typeNext steps
CREATEDYou have successfully created the payout.wallet_transfer.createdPROCESSING
PROCESSINGThe payout is under processing by Airwallex.wallet_transfer.processingSENT, FAILED
SENTThe payout has been sent to the beneficiary.wallet_transfer.sentSETTLED, FAILED
SETTLEDThe payout has been received by the beneficiary.wallet_transfer.settled-
FAILEDThe payout has failed after being reviewed by Airwallex.wallet_transfer.failed-

You can subscribe to Payouts webhook events to receive the payout information in JSON payloads in case of any status transitions.