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Install the Shopify plugin

This page describes how to install the Airwallex Online Payments app for your Shopify store.

Before you begin

  • Submit your KYB (Know Your Business) information to Airwallex using the Airwallex web app > Payments, if you have not already done so.
  • Configure webhooks to listen to payment events.

Configure webhooks

To listen to payment events from your Shopify plugin, you will need to set up webhooks on the Airwallex web app.

  1. Go to the Airwallex web app > Account Developer section and enter the Webhook URL as
  2. Select the webhook events as below and click Submit.2

Install the app

Follow these steps to install the Airwallex Online Payments app or alternatively watch the installation video .

  1. Go to Airwallex Online Payments app click Add app. shopify app landing
  2. Click Install App. 3
  3. Click Manage. You will be redirected to set up your Airwallex account before receiving payments 4
  4. Log in to your Airwallex web app and select an account that you want to connect to your Shopify store, and click Submit. You will be redirected back to your Shopify settings.56
  5. All payment methods enabled on your Airwallex account will be available on your Shopify store as long as the payment method is supported by the Shopify plugin (see supported payment methods). Within your settings, you can configure which payment method logos you would like your shoppers to see before they checkout. Enable test mode if you want to test the checkout flow before going live. Click Save and you are all set!7

Make sure that the selected payment methods are already approved and configured by Airwallex. Your shoppers will only see the payment methods you have successfully configured with Airwallex.

Multi-currency payments

Airwallex supports payments in multiple currencies. However, if a shopper checks out with a currency that is different from your Shopify store currency set by the store admin, Airwallex payments will not appear as a payment method for checkout. For example, if you have set your Shopify store currency as USD and are also selling in the HK market, then for shoppers checking out using HKD, only Shopify payments will appear as a payment method. This is due to constraints from Shopify.

In summary, if you sell on multiple stores with each store set to a different store currency, as long as the shopper checks out with the currency that is the same as the Shopify store currency for each store, then Airwallex payments option will be displayed at checkout. If you sell in multiple currencies, we recommend you enable Airwallex payments to capture payments in your Shopify store currency and also enable other payment methods to capture payments in other supported currencies.

On this page
  • Before you begin
  • Configure webhooks
  • Install the app
  • Multi-currency payments