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ACH Direct Debit - BETA
EFT Pre-Authorized Debit - BETA

EFT Pre-Authorized Debit - BETA

Canada EFT

Gain access to shoppers through Canada EFT Pre-Authorized Debit

EFT Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) is a payment method used in Canada supported by the local banking rail. It’s commonly used for recurring transactions with low costs compared to credit cards.

This payment method is currently available in beta testing program. Please reach out to your Airwallex account manager or [email protected] if you'd like to join the beta.

Both one-off and recurring payments are supported by EFT PAD. Due to the risk of chargebacks, we only recommend using EFT PAD for recurring scenarios where the payer is a business.

Functionalities and value-added features supported

FeaturesEFT Pre-Authorized Debit
Payment method typeDirect Debit
Merchant country codesUS, UK, EU, HK, SG, AG
Shopper country codesCA
Processing currenciesCAD
Settlement currencies*CAD
Minimum transaction amountNA
Maximum transaction amount*NA
Session timeoutNA
Partial refunds
Recurring payments
Dynamic descriptorShoppers will see on their statement the following details: Creditor - Your business name (up to 15 ASCII characters), Reference - "Misc payments", Descriptor - "Airwallex"
Settlement timelineCustomized for each business, typically T+5 to T+10
Settlement thresholdNA
Settlement frequencyDaily

*Use Airwallex Auto FX feature to unlock more settlement currencies.

*Support for increasing the maximum transaction amount is available on a case by case basis per risk assessment. Please submit ticket here .

Choose the integration method that best suit your needs

Airwallex has built a range of integration methods that allow you to manage your UI, minimise your implementation effort and allow you to get to market quickly.

Integration optionSupported
HPP (Hosted Payment Page)
Drop-in Element
Embedded Elements⛔️
Pay by Link
Mobile SDK⛔️

Accept omni-channel payments from shoppers

EFT Pre-Authorized DebitDesktop Website BrowserMobile AppMobile Website Browser
One-time payments
Recurring payments

Verification methods

According to Canada Pre-Authorized Debit rules, you must conduct account verification for the first use of an external bank account number, or changes to the account number.

By default, Airwallex offers Plaid to help you verify that the payer, i.e. your customer, has the authority over the bank account to set up direct debit. In some cases, we also offer verification via micro-deposit, or micro-deposit + micro-debit.


Plaid is an open-banking platform that will verify the bank account by requiring the payer to log in to their ebanking.



For micro-deposit verifications, Airwallex will trigger two deposits to the specified bank account with small amounts. The payer then needs to enter those two amounts in an AWX hosted interface to verify that they have access to the account.

Micro-deposit + micro-debit

Micro-deposit + micro-debit adds a micro-debit on top of the micro-deposit process. In parallel to triggering the two micro-deposits, Airwallex will also trigger a debit with a small amount. Airwallex will then wait to see whether this debit has been successful (i.e. not rejected by the bank), before allowing larger debits to be processed.

Authorization mandate

During the initial checkout process, the payer must authorize Airwallex to directly debit the account on behalf of your business, in compliance with the Canada Pre-Authorized Debit rules.

A copy of the authorization email will be sent by Airwallex to your customers automatically, and is stored and made available to be shared with your customers at all times.

Content of the authorization mandate:

  • Date of the agreement
  • Payer bank account name
  • Payer bank account number


For EFT PAD, the dispute process gives significant consumer rights to the shopper.

Disputes within the rejection window:

Business payers have up to and including 10 business days after the debit to reject. Personal payers have 90 calendar days after the debit to reject. You will not be able to challenge the rejection and the funds will be returned to the shopper.

The settlement of the direct debit will be canceled or reversed by deducting the disputed amount from your next settlement batch. We recommend you to contact your customer to resolve the situation.

Disputes after the rejection windows:

Disputes raised after these deadlines will be managed by you and your customers outside the rule of Payments Canada. There is no deadline for raising disputes, i.e. your customers can dispute anytime after rejection deadlines.

For such disputes, Airwallex will reach out to you via email. Please note, that you are liable for any dispute outcome and associated fees.

Risk of double-crediting with refunds and disputes

Please note the risk of double crediting with refunds and disputes. If you proactively issue your shopper a refund while their bank also initiates the dispute process, they may receive two credits for the same transaction.

When issuing a refund, you should notify your customer immediately that you’re issuing the refund and that it may take 2-5 business days for the funds to arrive in their bank account.

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