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Full Featured Card Element

The Full Featured Card Element is a multi-input field container (card number, expiry, security code, name on card, and a checkout button) that allows you to securely collect card details and submit these details to Airwallex to process the payment.

This page describes how to embed a Full Featured Card Element on your payment page to accept payments.

Checkout flow

If you want to offer a one-off or single payment experience where the shopper is present and active on your shop site, see Guest user checkout.

If you want to save shopper's payment details for future payments, see Registered user checkout.


How do I customize the Drop-in Element?

You can provide the fonts[ ] option in init( ) or loadAirwallex( ) when you initialize Airwallex to customize the font styles of payment Elements. Airwallex supports two font weights: regular (400) and bold (700).  You can specify font options using src, family and weight attributes.


You can also customize styles for the dropIn Element using style.

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