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PSP-agnostic solution overview

Airwallex's PSP-agnostic solution allows marketplaces, marketplace technology providers, orchestrators and other platforms to use their pay-in provider (or 'acquirer') of choice, whilst leveraging the strengths of Airwallex's global payout and account infrastructure.

The solution enables any PSP to settle to Airwallex into a holding account where funds are held until the Platform specifies a seller should receive the funds. The solution keeps the Platform out of the flow of funds.

The solution builds on top of Airwallex's multi-currency wallet infrastructure. This allows Platforms to 'start with the basics' of a simple seller payout flow, whilst also being future-friendly to allow building out over time a rich suite of embedded financial products for their sellers (e.g. card issuing).

Solution overview

PSP-agnostic _ account infra _ model 1

  • A holding account is provided by Airwallex for funds acquired by upstream PSPs to be deposited to Airwallex. Funds are held in the holding account until the seller meets your Platform's criteria for release

  • Sellers are onboarded to Airwallex as connected accounts, but don't need to be onboarded to the pay-in (acquiring) PSP. The Marketplace is the merchant of record for pay-in PSPs

  • Deposit split data is shared by the Platform to AWX before funds are deposited in the holding account. This data typically originates from the pay-in PSP's reporting feed. The Platform itself should be directly integrated with the pay-in PSP. Airwallex does not currently support direct integration with pay-in PSPs

  • Funds wait for release in the holding account, inaccessible to the marketplace or to the sellers, until the Platform releases the split. Releases can be triggered whenever the Platform considers a seller ready to receive funds (for example, when the shopper on the marketplace has received goods, or at the end of a billing cycle)

  • On release, funds move from the holding account to the seller's connected account. For releases of 'credit' type, funds move from the holding account to the seller's connected account. For releases of 'debit' type, funds move from the seller's connected account to the holding account

  • Fees can be charged by posting a Charge API to the seller connected account

  • Payouts to external bank accounts can be triggered by the Marketplace at any time (for example, at the end of a billing cycle determined by the Marketplace). Please refer to our payout docs for details