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WooCommerce, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, owned by Automattic and based on on the Wordpress CMS. The WooCommerce Airwallex Plugin provide merchants the possiiblity to accept payments on their stores, developed in Wordpress using the WooCommerce extension.

To accept payments in your the store, every merchant can create an AirWallex account and add the Airwallex WooCommerce payment plugin to the existing or new store.

The web-store on WordPress can be created quite easily and is out of the scope of this manual. We assume that Merchant already has a store created using WordPress with installed WooCommerce extension.

If you have not yet owned a store, start with WooCommerce here.

With only one integration, you will be able provide a seamless checkout experience for your shopper with a range of popular payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, Wechat Pay, and more card payment methods to be enabled without the need of performing a new integration or an incremental update.

The checkout page, where the shopper will make payment, uses embedded fields to collect shopper payment inputs, providing shoppers better security in addition to the simplicity of the checkout flow.

For example, after clicking Proceed to Checkout, the shopper will be redirected to the Checkout Page, where the they will see Credit Card and Wechat Pay options available (as shown in the screenshot below).

woocommerce checkout

Credit Card

The shopper can follow the steps below to make payment with Credit Card:

  • Enter their credit card details within the fields beneath the chosen Credit Card payment method, and click Complete order or Place order to proceed.
  • When 3DS is used, the shopper will see the following pop-up window to complete OTP verification.

credit card otp/3ds

  • The shopper completes payment successfully and will be redirected to the success page.

WeChat Pay

Shopper can follow the steps below to make payment with Wechat Pay:

  • Scan the QR Code embedded beneath the the chosen payment method or in a separate page after clicking Complete order or Place order.

WooCommerce Wechat Pay QR

  • The shopper completes the payment and will be redirected to the order details page.

The language seen by the shopper during checkout by default is English. You will be able to customize and provide shoppers a more localized experience by requesting Airwallex to upload additional language files. In addition, you can also customize the Place order button in the plugin configuration page.

Currently the available payment methods are Credit Card and Wechat Pay. If you want to provide more alternative payment methods other than card payment methods for your shoppers, you will need to take further actions with API Integration link.