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Find your API Key and Webhook

In order to utilize Airwallex APIs within the Plugin and let us take care of payment from your shoppers easily, you will need to get Airwallex’s API credentials as well as Webhook Secret Key from your Airwallex account.

Webhooks are used by Airwallex to communicate with your site. It provides information such as the status of the payment, and updates the order based on events associated with the payment.

To obtain the required credentials and assuming you have created your Airwallex account, please follow the steps below:

  • Log into Airwallex Web App, go to: Account > Developer in the Navigation Bar.
    1. For sandbox testing please use your demo account here:
    2. For live production setup please use your usual Airwallex account here:
  • You can see and copy the required API credentials from the Developer Keys section “Client API key” API key
  • Below the Developer keys section, you can see and copy the required Webhook Secret Key from the Webhook section. This will later be copied into the required fields within the Airwallex plugin. To access the Webhook Secret Key, you will first need to click the reveal button and then enter your Airwallex account password to be able to copy and paste. Webhook key Webhook key reveal

Testing with your Sandbox Airwallex Demo Account

  1. Go to: Plugins > Installed Plugins on your WordPress site. Click Airwallex API Setting within the Plugin you need to configure. WooCommerce Config step 1

  2. Enter your Client ID, API Key and Webhook Secret Key obtained from your Airwallex account that you can access at: If you don’t have a demo account, please contact our support centre here:

Config step 2

  1. Tick Yes checkbox, if you wish to submit order details, and Save Changes to proceed.

  2. Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Payments and you’ll see all the separate payment methods Airwallex support. config step 4

  3. When first activated, the Airwallex payment method will be DisabledTick the Enable checkbox to enable your desired payment method.

  4. Enter a Title (required) and Description (optional) seen by the shopper during checkout.

  • The Title is shown at the payment method option on the Checkout Page and also within the Order showing how the shopper paid (e.g. “Credit Card” as shown in the screenshot below)
  • The Description is displayed within the payment method option on the Checkout Page (e.g. “Use your credit card to pay” as displayed in the screenshot below) Config step 6**
  1. Tick the Enable sandbox checkbox, if you wish to test before going live. If unticked, you will begin accepting payments with Airwallex immediately.

  2. Select a Checkout Form to configure how and where you would like the shopper to take payment actions for the chosen payment method

  • Embedded option will display embedded field(s) within the payment method option on the Checkout Page, in which specific inputs will be required from the shopper
  • On separate page option will redirect the shopper to another page to complete payment with the selected payment method
  1. Enter Statement Descriptor (required), a description that appears on a customer’s bank or credit card statement. The statement description must contain at least one letter and no more than 22 characters. In addition, these characters must be alpha-numeric and cannot contain > < " '.

  2. Tick Capture Immediately checkbox, if you wish to capture the charge immediately. Otherwise, the charge issues an authorization and will need to be captured later. Uncaptured charges expire in 7 days.

  3. Select a Capture Status of an order when the payment associated with the order is to be captured.

  4. Save changes to complete the configuration. config step 12 config step 12-2 Run a test transaction for different currencies or quantities with


Setup and configuration may vary for different payment methods. For example, steps 8 - 11 mentioned above are applicable to Credit Card NOT Wechat Pay. You will only need to complete steps 1 - 7 to immediately accept Wechat Pay payments.

Setting up on your live production website


Before configuring Online Payments for WooCommerce, make sure you have completed the correct PCI-DSS requirement for Shopping Extensions. Find out more here

To configure for live production use on your website, you will need to replace your demo Airwallex API keys with your Airwallex APIs keys from your main account.

You can get the Production keys in the same way you did it for testing account(see above).

Untick the Enable sandbox checkbox. If left ticked, you will not be able to accept real payments

You should now be able to receive real payments from your customers, and see the payment status and history on your Airwallex account

Capture Payments

If you untick the Capture Immediately checkbox during configuration for the chosen payment method, and wish to capture charges later, you need to take the following steps:

  • On your WordPress site, go to: WooCommerce > Orders, you will be able to see the order right after the shopper initiates the payment. If the payment is not yet completed by the shopper, the order status will display Pending payment as in the screenshot below.

order status

  • Order status will be shifted to Processing after the shopper completes payments successfully.

processing status

  • Click order to see the order details and take certain actions on the order e.g. shift order status, change billing and shipping address etc.

Edit order*

  • When the order status is shifted to the capture status you configured within the plugin, the payment associated with the order will be captured (e.g. if you configure capture status as Completed and change the order status from Processing to Completed, payment capture for for the order will be initiated accordingly).

Order status is managed by WooCommerce and is not related to payment status on Airwallex’s side of things. It is only used to trigger certain events such as payment capture.

Transaction Management

In your Airwallex account on the WebApp, you will be able to see the performance of received payments at both holistic and granular transaction levels. For each order placed on your WordPress website, you will be able to see the record of the associated payment and take certain actions when applicable.

If you are not familiar with our WebApp, please refer to this User Guide link to take most advantage of your account and manage your funds efficiently.