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Reverse split funds

When a refund or chargeback happens, there would usually be a need for rebalancing the revenue shared between the Platform account and connected account as a reimbursement to the party who bears money loss.

To reverse the funds that have been split out, use FundsSplitReversal to specify the amount as well as the FundsSplit that you are targeting. You may create and add multiple FundsSplitReversal to one single FundsSplit.


Initiating FundsSplitReversal is not a prerequisite of initiating a refund. It is up to you to decide whether or not to reverse the previous FundsSplit and when to reverse the split.

There are also two ways to reverse the split funds that should be taken into account following the payment processing model that you adopt:

a )   When the connected account is the owner of each payment, funds have been split to the platform account. To better help the connected account manage the subsequent processes like refunds, and dispute handling, the funds should be reversed from the platform account and back to the connected account

b )   When the platform account is the owner of each payment, funds have been split to connected account(s). To better help the platform account manage the subsequent processes, funds should be reversed from the connected account(s) and back to the platform account

The following sections provide a detailed overview of those sets of API calls and specific details are structured depending on the model required for the Platform.


Normally the amount that could be reversed cannot exceed the original amount that has been split out. If you need reversing higher amounts, please reach out to our support team for more information.