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Recurring transaction

Recurring transaction

As a Merchant, you want to increase the conversion rate of your checkout flow and reduce the amount of information your clients need to provide. Leveraging Airwallex recurring payments helps you achieve this.

With Airwallex, you can leverage one-click payments (where only the card CVC needs to be input every time) to reduce the time your clients need to complete the checkout. Not all Payment Methods will support recurring. Airwallex stores securely the payment details of a customer. Then you can offer your customers a fast checkout experience by using their stored payment details for the next order.

  1. Store your Customer’s payment details, you can do that in two different ways:
  • Upon completion of a successful Payment Intent, store the Payment Method ID generated. You will use it for subsequent transactions.

  • When you do not require an initial payment use an Account validation to validate the payment instrument and obtain a Payment Method ID. You will use it for subsequent transactions.

  1. Create a new Payment Intent with the Payment Method ID that you collected and associated with your Customer before.
  2. If there are more than one Payment Instruments associated with that Customer, display a selector for the Customer.
  3. Request the payment confirmation by submitting the outstanding Payment details (typically CVC only) and the Payment Instrument selection. Upon successful response you can ship your goods and the funds have been reserved for you.
  4. Display an order success page
  5. Capture the reserved funds upon shipment of the merchandise (or when the service is rendered). Only at this point you will receive the funds