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The summary view has double functions for Merchants as you. It enables you to assess at a quick glance how many transactions you have processed, how many of those have been successful and how much revenue you have converted as well as your business conversion metric in regards to payments.

payment summary - daily data

Furthermore it enables you to assess if there is any up and down in the revenue you are obtaining over the last day or week either on an amount basis or transactions basis. This can help you to prevent fraud (in case you see spikes at times not common for you), manage your cash-flow (so you can assess if there are more or less purchases coming) and ultimately to get a quick overview of how your business is doing.

payment summary - heatmap

Payment list

The payment list groups all Payment Intents you have created with Airwallex and will provide you its status. As detailed in section ABC(link to brief intro) every checkout on your website corresponds to a Payment Intent and every actual transaction corresponds to one Payment Attempt.

For each of the Payment Intents a selected set of information is presented to you. The action button enables you to quickly execute selected actions depending on the status of the Intent. Different actions are available depending on the status of the payment.

payment list

If you need to access the additional information available for each Payment Intent you can either use the action View details or Export the content of the whole list. When exporting a list of additional properties will be shown to you and you can select which of them are relevant for the report you are generating.

Payment detailed view

The payment detailed view provides you all the detail that Airwallex has been able to capture from your transaction together with the most relevant actions for this state and a timeline of what is still to arrive.

The payment detail header will provide you for each of the payments some high level details as well as any manual action you may be able to perform on it. Specifically for Authorized Intents you are able to Capture on Cancel them, For Capture Intents you are able to Refund them.

capture detail

The life-cycle bar provides you a quick overview of where the transaction is now and what is pending for it to be completed and successful.

payment details - actions

The payment bar provides you a high-level set of information that allows you to identify the health of the payment and the references. This is specially useful when you aim to confirm that a payment has actually been processed. You can also obtain the details of the 3D Secure status and the liability you have obtained for this payment.


Finally the customer detail view provides you all information associated with a customer, including its payment details, the billing and shipping address as well as the basket content (when available).