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Payment with 3D Secure

3D Secure is used to protect you from fraudsters when you want to accept card payments online. It introduces another level of security to the online payment by validating the legitimacy of the card holder against the issuing bank.

To provide a better user experience by performing 3D Secure authentication within your website or mobile app, Airwallex offers a fully integrated 3D Secure solution supporting both 3DS 1.0 and 3DS 2.x with the ability to automatically select the most suitable version according to the issuer capabilities and always keeping front of mind your payment conversion.

For the Airwallex Hosted Payment Page or Drop-in Elements integrations, we automatically handle the 3D Secure functionality either through a controlled redirection or driving you smoothly to the payment completion page (which of the options is taken depends on the issuer).

If you want to leverage Airwallex 3D Secure solution, you need to follow steps below:

  1. Obtain a customer fingerprint using the Airwallex JS SDK.
  2. Create a Payment Intent (this represents the Customer checkout session)
  3. Collect the customer Payment details (the precise way that this will happen depends on your integration)
  4. Request the payment confirmation by submitting the Payment details (depending on your integration the detail submission may vary).
  5. Depending on your Fraud settings as well as transaction parameters 3D Secure will trigger. If you are using our API implementation you will receive a URL and will have the freedom to display it appropriately, if you are using any of the other integrations, the issuer redirection will be handled on your behalf.
  6. Upon successful response you can ship your goods and the funds have been reserved for you.
  7. Display an order success page
  8. Capture the reserved funds upon shipment of the merchandise (or when the service is rendered). Only at this point will you receive the funds.

Keep in Mind


In order to maximize a smooth completion rate for you (without redirection or issuer challenge) we recommend to leverage the SDK, it enables the issuer to retrieve session data and ensure your Customer is a legitimate one.


For 3D Secure 1 you are requested to use a full page redirect to comply with the card scheme standards. For 3D Secure 2.x you can use any mechanism you consider appropriate to display the issuer page.