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SDK Examples

This sample app demonstrates integrating with the Airwallex Android SDK using its prebuilt UI components to manage the checkout flow, including specifying a shipping address and selecting a Payment method. To run the example project, you should follow these steps


__gem install bundler__

Clone source code

Run the following script to clone this project to your local disk.

git clone [email protected]:airwallex/airwallex-payment-ios.git

Install dependencies and open project

  • Go into the project directory
__cd airwallex-payment-ios__
  • Install dependencies
__bundle install__
__pod install__
  • Open Airwallex.xcworkspace' from Xcode or run the following script to open it. * Be sure you always open the project from the work space.
open __Airwallex.xcworkspace__

Build Configurations

There are two schemes Airwallex and Examples. You can switch the schemes in project scheme settings.

  • Airwallex will generate a framework for developer
  • Examples will build and run an example application

Run the app on your iOS device

Select your target device from the top left panel, then press "Command + R" on your keyboard (or "Product > Run" from the top menu bar) to run this project on your iOS device.