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SDK Examples

This sample app demonstrates integrating with the Airwallex Android SDK using its prebuilt UI components to manage the checkout flow, including specifying a shipping address and selecting a Payment Method.

To run the example project, you should follow these steps.

  1. Run the following script to clone the repository to your local machine git clone [email protected]:airwallex/airwallex-payment-android.git
  2. Open Android Studio and import the project by selecting the build.gradle file from the cloned repository
  3. Go to Airwallex Account settings > API keys , then copy Client ID andAPI key to Settings.kt
    private const val BASE_URL = "put your base url here"
    private const val API_KEY = "put your api key here"
    private const val CLIENT_ID = "put your client id here"
  1. Register your app on WeChat Pay open platform , then copy App ID and App Signature to Settings.kt
    private const val WECHAT_APP_ID = "put your WeChat app id here"
    private const val WECHAT_APP_SIGNATURE = "put your WeChat app signature here"

5. Run the sample project