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Airwallex API

Airwallex Android SDK is a flexible tool that enables you to integrate payment methods into your Android App.

Note: The Airwallex Android SDK is compatible with apps supporting Android API level 19 and above and SDK file size is 3188.04KB approximately

Payment methods supported: Payment methods supported:

Airwallex Native UI

Airwallex Native UI is a prebuilt UI which enables you to customize the UI color and fit your App theme. You can use these components separately, or pack our prebuilt UI into one flow to present your payment.

#Native UI ComponentDesign
1Edit shipping info page: This page contains a detailed shipping form for shopper to fill in, after the shopper successfully saved the form, the shipping info object will be returnedandroidsdk_shipping
2Select payment method page:This page will display all the available payment methods to shopper according to the transaction currency you designated, the shopper can choose any one of them to payandroidsdk_paymentmethod
3Input card information module: This module contains card number, expiration date and cvvandroidsdk_newcard
4Confirm payment intent page: You need to pass in a PaymentIntent object and a PaymentMethod object. It will display the current selected payment amount, encapsulate the specific operation of payment, and return the PaymentIntent or Exception through the callback methodadnroidsdk_detailpm