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Manage split funds flow

By default, split funds will follow the standard settlement mode, where the funds will be batched up once we finish reconciliation on the source payment intent. It will be settled to the destination account’s wallet following the settlement time settings on the destination account.

In some cases, you may want the destination account to receive part of the funds in a more flexible manner. For example, marketplace platforms might have agreed with their sellers to only receive the funds after the end customer has confirmed the goods or services have been delivered. In this case, you can change the FundsSplit into a manual-release mode.

Manual-release is an option that could be applied with both processing models. Here is an example of when payment is owned by the platform account. The platform creates a 100 GBP payment and 2 corresponding splits to different connected accounts and would like to manually release the funds at different times.

fundsSplit release flow


By default, the value of auto_release is true. In case you do not need to manually release split funds, do not fill auto_release in the request body.

  1. After the 100 GBP payment has been captured(Platform can get the notification by subscribing payment_intent.succeeded webhook), Platform creates a FundSplit with the amount of 40 GBP to Connected Account 01 and another FundSplit with the amount of 30 GBP to Connected Account 02. In the request body of FundsSplit, Platform specifies the value of the parameter auto_release as false.

  2. After the payment has been reconciled, the platform will receive 30 GBP (netter of Airwallex fees, in this example 5 GBP) and the connected account will receive 70 GBP

  3. When the Platform confirms that the Connected Account 01 has fulfilled its part of the service, it must release the outstanding 40 GBP through FundsSplit with the specified split id

  4. The 40 GBP split fund will be settled to Connected Account 01 in the following settlement cycle

  5. The same logic applies to Connected Account 02, the Platform must release the funds with the specific split id when it confirms that the Connected Account 02 has performed the required services