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Gain access to shoppers on DANA

DANA is a digital payment service platform based in Indonesia that offers payments, loyalty points and financial services. DANA users can carry out a wide range of electronic transactions through services such as DANA Balance, Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, as well as Cash Deposits to minimarkets. It has 35 million total users and deposited funds of 21.06 million USD on the platform as of the end of 2019.

Functionalities and value-added features supported

Merchant supported countries/regionsHK
One-off payment
One-off payment with 3DS
Recurring Payment
Partial Refunds

Countries and currencies supported

Country & RegionTransaction CurrencySettlement currency

The amount limitation for each transaction is from 300 IDR to 2,000,000 IDR

Choose the integration method that best suit your needs

Airwallex has built a range of client-side integration methods that allows you to manage your UI, minimises your implementation effort and allows you to get to market quickly.

Integration TypeSupportedRequires PCI-DSS
Embedded FieldsNo
Drop-in ElementsNo

Accept desktop and mobile payments from your shoppers with DANA

Airwallex’s solution supports DANA payment acceptance desktop and mobile channels.

danaDestop Website BroswserMobile AppMobile Webiste Broswer
One-off Payment
Recurring Payment