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Desktop/Mobile Website Browser

Accept Pay-easy ATM and online banking payments on your website by redirecting shopper to Pay-easy pages. See checkout processes below:

Pay-easy ATM:

  1. The shopper chooses to pay at ATM as the payment option
  2. The shopper is redirected to the payment selection page where they select Pay-easy and the type of ATM
  3. A payment number is generated for the shopper to take to the ATM
  4. At the ATM, the shopper selects the option to pay tax and fee transfer at ATM
  5. The shopper enters the payment number
  6. The shopper pays with cash or card to complete the payment

Pay-easy online banking:

  1. The shopper chooses to pay via Online Bank Transfer
  2. The shopper is redirected to the payment selection page where they select Pay-easy and choose to pay with online banking
  3. The shopper selects their bank
  4. The shopper is redirected to the bank’s online banking page
  5. The shopper enters banking details and confirms the payment

Step 1. Initialize a Payment Intent

Create a PaymentIntent object with a request_id, amount, currency and a merchant_order_id from your backend server.


Step 2. Get available payment methods

To be able to display Pay-easy as a payment option on your checkout page, you need to get available payment methods from Airwallex API.

When the PaymentIntent is created, send a GET request with parameters country_code, transaction_currency, transaction_mode to API endpoint /api/v1/pa/config/payment_method_types to query for a list of available payment method based on the information provided. The response will also contain the required fields and necessary resources of each payment method for you to display them on your page.


Response: Render payment methods in items to show all available payment methods to the shopper at checkout page.

Note for available payment methods:

Alternatively, you can maintain available payment methods and corresponding resources locally on your server if you do not want to use this API endpoint. However, we highly recommend you get available payment methods dynamically from this API to avoid any trouble when payment method information or resources get updated.

Step 3. Redirect to Pay-easy to complete payment

When a shopper selects to pay with Pay-easy on their desktop/mobile browser, call the following API endpoints to get the URL which you can use to redirect the shopper to Pay-easy payment page to complete the payment.

  1. Obtain URL from Airwallex and redirect shopper to Pay-easy



Response: Render the value of url to redirect shoppers to Pay-easy.

  1. Wait for notification from Airwallex

Airwallex will notify you on the payment result asynchronously via the webhook API. Please refer to webhook documentation to set up your webhook accordingly. Although subscribing to different events is optional, it is recommended to at least subscribe to the payment_intent.succeeded which indicates that the shopper has successfully paid for the order via Pay-easy.

  1. Query the PaymentIntent status

You may also query the status of a payment anytime via the PaymentIntents API