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Accept Alipay on your website by presenting your QR code to the shopper. See checkout experience as below Alipay - Desktop Browser

  1. The shopper chooses to pay with Alipay
  2. The shopper is redirected to Alipay cashier
  3. The shopper uses Alipay App to scan the QR code and completes the payment
  4. Payment succeeds and the shopper is redirected back to the page you designated

Step 1. Initialize a payment Intent

Create a PaymentIntent object with a request_id, amount, currency and a merchant_order_id from your backend server. \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      -H 'Authorization: Bearer your_bearer_token \
      -d '{
      "request_id": "ed11e38a-7234-11ea-aa94-7fd44ffd1b89",
    "amount": 20,
    "currency": "HKD",
    "merchant_order_id": "85d7b0e0-7235-11ea-862e-9f6aa1adfca6"
    "return_url": ""

Step 2. Redirect to Alipay Cashier to complete payment

When a shopper selects to pay with Alipay on their desktop browser, call the following API endpoints to get a e-wallet cashier URL, which you can redirect the shopper to Alipay cashier to complete payment.

  1. Obtain URL from Airwallex and redirect shopper to Alipay cashier

Request:{id}/confirm \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      -H 'client-secret: Ss3thJHPE6TyI4r-8BJFlqNz1mA7DblVuN0c8GOthnchp7Sf-_JuQnuX3sqzv7_0EiTMOs2kcGopFrMoFC0w7IzPCErJ1a0P7sFnpwB6uz-H2h_6rDhhSd2tKJF-l2myVOXQV4Zou3s_OsX6thLiUKI=" \
      -d '{"request_id": "ed11e38a-7234-11ea-aa94-7fd44ffd1b89",
"type": "alipaycn",
  "alipaycn": {
     "flow": "webqr"

Response: Render the value of qrcode_url to redirect shoppers to Alipay Cashier.

      "next_action": {
      "type": "redirect",
      "url": ""
  1. Wait for notification from Airwallex

Airwallex will notify you on the payment result asynchronously via the webhook API. Please refer to webhook documentation to set up your webhook accordingly. Although subscribing to different events is optional, it is recommended to at least subscribe to the ‘payment_intent.succeeded’ which indicates that the shopper has successfully paid for the order via Alipay.

  1. Query the PaymentIntent status

You may also query the status of a payment anytime via the PaymentIntents API

    GET /payment_intents/{id}