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Airwallex platform overview

The Airwallex Payments Acceptance platform enables you to connect to several payment methods in different jurisdictions and cover different use cases through a single integration.

As an Airwallex merchant, you have the option to select any of the available integrations ( Pay by Link, Hosted Payment Page, Drop-in Element, Embedded Elements, Native API or Mobile SDK) depending on your needs. Some restrictions apply in case you are not PCI-DSS compliant.

Airwallex enables you to access all payment methods and functionalities of the Payments Acceptance platform through a single API integration. Think of a use case for your business and our gateway will support it for you.

On top of the basic gateway functionalities, Airwallex provides you value-added services that will ensure that you increase your business without letting through more fraud. These services include the Airwallex's fraud engine that also takes care of your 3D Secure authentication needs, smart gateway capabilities (including dynamic retries, dynamic 0$ authorization, etc), multi-currency pricing (MCP), Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and much more.

The Airwallex processing engine has been fully developed in-house and is able to cope with the most demanding scenarios while providing a simplified integration through our gateway. It has been optimized to automate all the tasks and reduce the workload that your teams would need to otherwise carry out manually or through email.

The Airwallex acquirer network enables you to offer the most relevant payment method or payment acquirer based on your needs, jurisdiction and the shopper's needs. It does not only allow you to accept card payments but also other local payment methods suitable for your shopper’s locale.