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Purchase Lifecycle

When an Airwallex issued card is used to make a purchase, an authorization request is initiated by the merchant which reaches Airwallex via the card scheme i.e. Visa and so on.

We will perform a number of checks to ensure that the authorization is genuine and meets any spend controls you had previously set up.

There are two scenarios in which an authorisation request can be received. If we receive a final transaction (called ‘Clearing’) from the merchant we will deduct the requested amount from your balance straight-away.

Sometimes we will receive a pre authorisation request first followed by what is called a ‘clearing’ advice later. In this scenario we will reserve funds with the initial request (These funds will be shown in your reserve balance) and the funds are only deduced fully when the final clearing advice is received. If the merchant does not send the clearing advice in a timely manner (10 days), it is reversed and the funds are released back to you.