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Physical and digital cards

Learn how to create physical cards and add individual cards (physical/virtual) to a digital wallet.

Physical cards

You can opt for a physical card when creating individual cards if applicable for your region. Physical cards will be delivered to the postal address specified by you. You will also need to activate them to be able to transact on the card.

If you want to issue a physical card, provide the following parameters in Create a card API request in addition to the required parameters as described in Create an individual card.

  • form_factor: Set this to PHYSICAL.
  • activate_on_issue: Set this parameter to true to activate the physical card upon creation. This will allow the cardholder to use the card as soon as it’s delivered to their postal address.
  • postal_address.*: Address for physical card delivery. If you do not specify an address via this object, the card will be issued to the cardholder's postal_address as set in Create a cardholder API. If a postal address is unavailable then the cardholder's address will be used instead.

Activate a physical card

Only physical cards require activation because virtual cards are automatically activated by default. With physical cards, you can choose to activate them by setting active_on_issue to true while creating the card using Create a card API. This will allow the card to be active upon delivery to the cardholder’s postal address. If you wish to defer the activation, you can do it using Activate a card API.

Example request

Digital cards

Cards (physical or virtual) issued to individuals can be added to a digital wallet, for example, Google Pay, Apple Pay if supported in your region. See FAQ for more information.

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