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Remote Authorisation Timeout

Due to the card network imposed SLA, the remote authorisation responses have to be sent back to Airwallex within 2 seconds*. Any responses failing to meet the 2 seconds limit will be treated as having timed out.

This 2 seconds is a round trip limit which also includes the network travel time (i.e. the time starts counting once the request left Airwallex and stops once Airwallex receives the response).

To handle these timeouts and to ensure our cardholders have a good payment experience, a “default action” (authorized or declined) needs to be configured as part of enabling remote authorisation feature. In the case of timeout or error, the default action will be used to continue the transaction authorisation workflow.

You will be able to see in the transaction notification webhook (under “remote_auth”) or in the transaction endpoint, if the default action was used and if it was due to a timeout or not.