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Handling Exceptions

There are three scenarios in which the response returned from your remote authorization gateway may differ from the final approval decision on a transaction.

The Airwallex platform webhooks provide a solution to reconcile these discrepancies between your responses and the final decision on the transactions authorization requests. Once you have configured and enabled your remote authorization feature, a field “remote_auth” (see example below) will be added to your webhook notifications related to our processing of your response and how it has affected the transaction authorization as a whole. This field will not be present on transactions that do not utilize remote authorization (e.g. capture requests). You can also see this field on our Transaction API and Authorization API APIs

Scenario 1: Timeout If your remote authorization response fail to return to Airwallex within 2 seconds, in order to meet the card network SLA, we will have to consider the remote authorization request timed out and proceed with your configured default action. Please refer to more details under remote authorization timeout section. In this case you will see the following remote auth section in your webhooks and response in Transaction/Authorization APIs

Scenario 2: Error If your remote authorization endpoint doesn't return a valid response or the http status code is not 200, similiar to timeout scenario we will use your default action as remote auth response

remote auth section in webhooks/transaction API/authorization API

Scenario 3: Fails Airwallex internal checks If the transaction fails Airwallex’s internal risk or regulatory checks (Currency based control /MCC based control /Transaction Based Controls ), an authorized remote authorization request can be declined as the final decision for authorization.

remote auth section in webhooks/transaction API/authorization API

But authorization status will be DECLINED