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Platform operations overview

Development resources that platforms can invest for an initial launch are often limited, and some user scenarios may require operations assistance if they are not handled automatically by your applications. Examples of this could be collecting ‘RFI’ (request for information) incremental documentation/data during KYC, or correcting beneficiary details if an outbound payment has failed.

As a platform embedding Airwallex capabilities into your products, users will recognize your platform as their first point of contact, because the services are delivered through your interfaces. We recommend that you equip your Operations teams to handle these queries. This has the following benefits:

  • Customer ownership: Users continue to recognize your platform as their primary service provider
  • Faster turnaround: If you can respond to queries directly without escalation to Airwallex, end user issues can be resolved faster
  • Expertise build-up: Your support teams will over time accumulate expertise in operating the financial capabilities that have been embedded into your platform

In order to equip your Operations team, we recommend you natively build any required operational interfaces into existing back-office tooling of your platform. This will provide a unified experience by having your teams carry out their operational tasks in one single interface, and not have to switch between your existing back-office and other tools.

This documentation provides examples of interfaces that you can build into your existing tooling, including:

  • Account lists & account detail views
  • Transaction lists & transaction detail views

Your Airwallex solutions engineer will also be able to provide further guidance as you build your operational tooling.