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Account tooling

Account list

An account list built into your Platform’s back office provides your Operations team the ability to locate specific accounts (e.g. if a user has registered multiple accounts with your Platform), when users contact your Operations team.

A list view can provide an entry point into a detailed account view for further analysis.

Account list

Account detail

Building an account detail view into your back-office tooling can allow your Platform’s Operations teams to obtain in one screen details of the account, recent transactions, and potential root causes of the issues that users are facing.

For example, when accounts are in action required status, Operations can use an account detail view to understand the specific RFI that has been sent to an end user, and the specific information to be provided to close it.

Account detail view

For transacting accounts, Operations can use an account detail view to understand recent activity related to a connected account, including references of specific financial transactions that may have driven the issue a user is contacting the Platform about.

A view of recent transactions can provide an entry point for further transactions of this connected account, as well as further transaction details.

Account detail_transacting