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Make your first no-code API call

Getting started with Airwallex

Our public Airwallex Postman Collection allows you to try out APIs with no coding experience.

Step 1: Click the "Run in Postman" button below to fork the Airwallex Postman Collection into your private Postman workspace. You will need to log into your Postman account. If you don't have an account you can sign-up for one or SSO through your Google account. Run in Postman

Step 2: Copy your API key and unique client ID from the Airwallex web app > Developer > API Keys page. For information on API keys, see Manage API keys.

Retrieve API keys

Step 3: In the forked Postman Collection, go to the "Variables" tab inside the "Airwallex Public API - General Availability Suites" folder. Copy the inputs into both initial and current value fields and click the "Save" icon on the top right.

If want to make API calls in the demo environment:

  • url: https://api-demo.airwallex.com
  • file_url: https://files-demo.airwallex.com
  • Use your demo unique client ID and API key into the clientID and apiKey fields.

Otherewise if you want to make API calls in the production environment:

  • url: https://api.airwallex.com
  • file_url: https://files.airwallex.com
  • Use your production unique client ID and API key into the clientID and apiKey fields.

Postman collection variables

Step 4: Authenticate into Airwallex by clicking "Send". Airwallex will return an authentication token in the response (e.g. "eyJhbGc...") which will allow you call all the other Airwallex API endpoints. Follow our getting started guide in our API reference API.

Airwallex authentication API

Congrats, you've made your first Airwallex API call! 🎉🎊


Contact your account manager or solutions engineer if you are running into errors.