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Batch transfers

Web app LabelEvent TypeDescription
Batch Transfers -> Drafted/Createdbatch_transfers.draftingThe batch transfer is being drafted. Submit a batch transfer when all items are ready.
Batch Transfers -> In approval*batch_transfers.in_approvalThe batch transfer is submitted for approval. Approvers can review the batch transfer in the web app.
Batch Transfers -> Approval recalled*batch_transfers.approval_recalledThe batch transfer is recalled by a user in the web app.
Batch Transfers -> Approval rejected*batch_transfers.approval_rejectedThe batch transfer is rejected by an approver in the web app.
Batch Transfers -> Approval blocked*batch_transfers.approval_blockedBatch transfer is blocked as next approver cannot be found. Account owner or Admin users should fix the approval workflow, then create a new batch transfer and submit again for approval.
Batch Transfers -> Scheduledbatch_transfers.scheduledThe batch transfer is scheduled and will be processed to book payouts once it is funded.
Batch Transfers -> Overduebatch_transfers.overdueThe batch transfer has not been funded beyond the scheduled date. Please check funding status for details.
Batch Transfers -> Bookingbatch_transfers.bookingThe batch transfer is being processed to book payouts.
Batch Transfers -> Partially bookedbatch_transfers.partially_bookedSome items in the batch failed to be booked. For each BOOKING_FAILED item, see Batch transfer error codes to determine the next step based on your failure reason.
Batch Transfers -> Bookedbatch_transfers.bookedAll valid items in the batch transfer has been booked as payouts. You may retrieve details of each individual payout.
Batch Transfers -> Failedbatch_transfers.failedThe batch transfer failed to be booked. See Batch transfer error codes to determine the next step based on your failure reason.
Batch Transfers -> Cancellation requestedbatch_transfers.cancellation_requestedBatch transfer cancellation has been requested before BOOKING, and will transition to CANCELLED.
Batch Transfers -> Cancelledbatch_transfers.cancelledThe batch transfer has been successfully cancelled.
Batch Transfers -> Funding Scheduled**batch_transfers.funding.scheduledThe funding is scheduled to be processed on the transfer date.
Batch Transfers -> Funding Processing**batch_transfers.funding.processingThe funding for this batch transfer is being processed.
Batch Transfers -> Funded**batch_transfers.funding.fundedThis batch transfer is successfully funded.
Batch Transfers -> Funding Failed**batch_transfers.funding.failedDeposit via direct debit from a Linked Account is rejected as it failed validation by either Airwallex or the banking scheme. The funds will be returned to your external bank account.
Batch Transfers -> Funding Reversed**batch_transfers.funding.reversedIf the external bank recalls the deposit via direct debit from a Linked Account after it has been settled into your Wallet, the status of the funding will be updated from to REVERSED, and the corresponding amount will be deducted from your Wallet balance.

* These webhooks are only applicable to batch transfers that are created and submitted for approval.

** These webhooks are only applicable to batch transfer funding events.