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Batch payouts

Web app LabelEvent TypeDescription
Batch Payout -> Pending approvalbatch.pending_approvalThe batch payout has been submitted for approval.
Batch Payout -> In preparationbatch.in_preparationThe batch payout has been approved and is pending until the scheduled date.
Batch Payout -> Processingbatch.processingThe batch payout is being processed for dispatch.
Batch Payout -> Processedbatch.processedThe batch payout has been dispatched from Airwallex. This does not imply the payouts have arrived.
Batch Payout -> Cancelledbatch.cancelledThe batch payout has been cancelled.
Batch Payout -> Fundingbatch.funding.fundingThe funding process for the batch payout has started.
Batch Payout -> Fundedbatch.funding.fundedThe batch payout has been funded.
Batch Payout -> Funding failedbatch.funding.failedFunding of the batch payout was unsuccessful.
Batch Payout -> Refundedbatch.funding.refundedThe funds for the batch payout have been returned to the source.