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Find out how leading travel agencies reduce cart abandonment, eliminate FOREX risk and pay suppliers faster, with fintech.

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About Airwallex

Airwallex powers the world's fastest-growing travel agencies

Streamline global payments, manage FX and improve checkout conversion rates.

Multi-currency accounts

Open domestic and foreign currency accounts online in minutes. Collect, hold and send multiple currencies like a local.

Market-leading FX

Embed Airwallex's market-leading FX rates into your pricing and leverage LockFX to protect against currency volatility.

Fast global payments

Programatically transfer funds to 150+ countries in 45 currencies, 70% of transfers settle on the same day.

Global payment acceptance

Collect global payments, settle like-for-like in 10 currencies, offer 160 payment options at checkout and reduce chargebacks with our inbuilt fraud protection engine.

Borderless Cards

Programmatically generate multi-currency virtual cards to pay international suppliers efficiently.

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