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Better employee benefits are on the cards

Set your team up with unique cards to use for employee benefits. Issue instantly and manage spend and expenses seamlessly from a single platform -empowering Australian teams to operate better.

Reward your teams with health and well being cards

Your all-in-one solution for retaining and rewarding your employees

Looking to meet the demands of a workforce and enable, and empower employee spending, expense management and reward your team with best in class benefits product? Take the hard yards out of issuing employee cards, managing spend and reconciliation and empower and enable your high performing team culture with Airwallex employee cards.

23% greater satisfaction in work-life balance

Employees with benefits were less likely to feel overworked and therefore were better satisfied with their work-life balance (Flare HR).

25% of employees would love more well-being benefits

A quarter of employees are seeking subsidised massages, yoga and gym memberships from their employers (Employment Hero).

50% of employees with benefits felt more secure

Employees with benefits were less likely to consider leaving their current employer and felt more secure in their roles (Flare HR).

63% of Australians back companies with benefits

Knowing an organisation offers its employees benefits or 'perks' in addition to salary, makes Australians more likely to want to seek employment opportunities (Seek).

Employee Cards

Easily facilitate employee benefits

Allocate and facilitate a range of employee benefits like wellness stipends, gym memberships, healthcare and work from home allowances.

Create an employee benefits program

Allow your employees to spend on your new benefits program you've created.

Set spend limits from one simple platform

Set a variety of spend limits, monthly, quarterly or annually, to empower and reward your teams to spend.

Streamlined reconciliation

With real-time control and visbility on spending, reconiliation of employee spend has never been easier. Collect insights on your benefits program and drive better employee satisfaction.

Why Airwallex employee cards?

Design and create your employee rewards and benefits program with Airwallex. Join an ecosystem of leading Australian companies empowering their teams with smart, controlled and streamlined rewards and benefits.


Easily bulk-creation and management of employee cards


Full payment capabilities with physical and virtual cards (compatible with Google / Apple Pay)


Ability to set limits (transaction, daily, monthly) via API or manually via our web application

Save time

Save time and effort with simple, fast and streamlined reconciliation of employee spend

What kind of benefits could we provide?

Airwallex Testimony

Australian employees need a helping hand when it comes to their wellbeing. According to *AHRI’s Workplace Report*, 43% of employees report living well, despite struggles, down from 53.1% in 2021, indicating a decline in resilience. 68.5% feel like they are experiencing burnout, citing impacts to performance, satisfaction, and commitment at work. Employers can help their teams get some crucial balance back in their lives. This can make a huge impact on an individual level for team members, while also improving retention and giving businesses a competitive edge for their employer value proposition.

Airwallex Testimony

When you use cards for benefits, you can give your employees access to what they really want. This can span the dimensions of wellness, from physical to mentual and spiritual. You can also include Learning and Development in the mix, empowering your team to grow professionally. Teams can lock their wellness budgets to a variety of merchant codes, including gyms, wellness centres, physio and massage, spas, app subscriptions and more.

Airwallex Testimony

We'll let you in on a little secret, we know that wellbeing budgets are so great because we use them ourselves at Airwallex! Our team has a budget for their wellbeing on their Airwallex employee cards. Our People Team set a limit which resets every quarter, and employees love making the most of it. Team members spend budgets on everything from exercise classes, massage therapy, physio, infrared saunas, charity donations, professional network memberships, mediation app subscriptions and the list goes on!

Create your employee benefits program today

Get cards for your employees today

Getting cards for your employees is super simple and requires three quick steps.

Add funds to your Airwallex Wallet

Use bank transfer or initiate direct debit to add money to your Airwallex Wallet, the source of your cards' funds.

Issue cards and set limits

The 'Cards' section of your account is your gateway to assigning card users and setting fixed or recurring limits.

Activate employee cards

Your team can activate their cards via our easy-to-use desktop or mobile app.

Seamless integrations

Integrate with Xero, Netsuite, and other leading accounting software.

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