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Foreign Exchange

A powerful FX engine backed by the world’s leading liquidity providers, delivering a constant and stable trading environment.

Live FX rates allowing your business to keep pace with the international money market
Access to wholesale comparable rates to ensure you pay for the true cost of money
The ability to secure a 24 hour fixed rate to reduce the risks of market volatility
Single platform for exchange and payout to simplify the FX process
Remove barriers to international growth and expand globally with straightforward access to secured rates.

International Payments

An expansive global payments network built with smart auto-routing algorithms that bypass traditional payment rails to connect your business with the world.

Our platform finds the most direct route, enabling same day payments to select currency pairings
Direct integration into a network of local payout providers ensures full amount delivery
Make payments at scale with a platform designed for high volume transactions
Be in control with an open and upfront pricing model with transparency at its core
Re-imagine how you make payments and accelerate international expansion with a scalable payment solution for your business.

Global Account

A centralised currency management and local collections tool providing access to previously inaccessible markets.

Holding Box
Create accounts in new markets and manage multiple currencies using a centralised platform
Meet foreign regulatory requirements by trading globally under your legal name
Increase financial control with the ability to easily transfer back to your local currency
Enrich your customer experience by supporting transactions in their preferred currency
Establish a local presence in target markets globally, allowing you to embrace the opportunities of a digitalised world economy.

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Our solutions are built with a focus on adaptability to solve all of your FX and payments problems, with the ability to throttle volumes when you need it.


Seamlessly integrate with our product to set and forget, allowing you to get on with growing your business while we take care of the heavy lifting.


Take control from anywhere at any time, giving you everything you need to accelerate your business at the touch of a button.

WeChat Pay

Connect to WeChat Pay, a digital wallet integrated into WeChat, and connect with 45% of China’s e-wallet market. Send money between your contacts and make mobile payments by QR code or in-app. Capitalised on the record amounts spent by Chinese visitors and streamline the WeChat Pay process through one seamless API integration with Airwallex.



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