Scale your platform's payment ecosystem

Scale enables platforms to bring their subsidiaries, business partners and clients together in a single, centralised solution, delivering powerful account management, collection, conversion and payment capabilities that allow you to tailor your user experience.

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Bring your third parties together in one place via an electronic onboarding process. Stay in complete control of your growing ecosystem with your organisation always at the centre.


Receive, convert, transfer and payout funds in a standardised way no matter who your third parties bank with or where they are located.


Build a bespoke user experience for your ecosystem by accessing our Scale APIs. Take advantage of features and functionalities which add the most value to your business.

Your platform powered by Scale

With your organisation at the centre, buyers and sellers, clients and suppliers, and any parties that you interact with are added to the platform. Funds move quickly and seamlessly between partners, reducing uncertainty, removing manual processing, and improving your platform's overall user experience.

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Payment sent



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Single connection delivering impressive speed to market

Our API enables your platform to integrate with ease, providing a mechanism to complete onboarding and verification of third parties electronically, so that you can go live and start accessing Scale benefits for your business in no time.

Enhanced visibility and control of funds

Third parties onboarded to the platform have their own account created within Scale to be used as a single point to receive and payout funds - simplifying payment and reconciliation processes.

Scale enables you to move funds directly and immediately into third party accounts connected to your platform. Immediate and transparent payments lets you and your partners know the exact amount to expect, and when these funds will be delivered.

Simplified onboarding and verification

Flexible onboarding in line with the level of access that your platform requires. Select a simple onboarding flow to access basic capability, or complete full verification for a comprehensive set of Scale services.

Leverage information that you already hold on file for your clients and business partners to electronically onboard your third parties. Alternatively, build your own onboarding user experience.

Unlock international opportunities for your users

When users are onboarded with Scale, they are tapping into a global ecosystem that instantly provides them with the ability to collect funds locally from payers and customers around the world.

Global collection capabilities and fund management unlocks new, previously inaccessible markets for your users, giving them control over how and when funds are converted and paid back to their local bank account.

Global support

Scale powers all aspects of the international payment and FX process to seamlessly connect your platform to the world.

Send funds to 130+ countries

Airwallex supports payments globally to power international commerce.

Collection from key markets

Utilise local payment networks to simplify how you collect funds in international markets.

API driven integration

Our developer platform delivers a seamless, intelligent payments experience. Embrace smart automation to streamline your operations and reduce manual intervention.

Global Accounts

Global accounts to collect funds from around the world.

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Transactional FX

Foreign exchange at competitive wholesale comparable rates.

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International Payments

Move funds at high speed and low cost.

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Accelerate your business with intelligent technology.

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